3k Saim Hann vs. Slaanesh Black Legion

Andy and I had another game this afternoon – 3k of his Saim Hann versus 3k of my Slaanesh aligned Chaos Space Marines. Andy ended winning in turn 4 with 2 objectives to my one. I promise, I don’t usually lose this much!

Andy trying out some Aspects on foot this game

I had taken a drop list with  3 Retinues (2 Drop, 1 with a DPrince in Rhinos), 2 Forlorn Hopes, 1 Terminator formation of 4 stands, 2 Bike Companies, 2 Feral Titans and a Despoiler Battleship. I think it worked pretty well, although the Ferals did not last long against Andy’s Phantom Titan and its Pulsars and I think my drop came one turn too late to swing the game back in my favour.

Aspects in Wave Serpents and Jetbikes hanging around my Blitz

Andy had taken a very similar list to the last time – although everything is painted now – but had added some more infantry formations. He had also taken an Aspect Warrior formation on foot which under-performed, but his Wave Serpent mounted Aspects had a good game. He had taken a combination of his newly painted Howling Banshees and Fire Dragons.

Phantom Titan

Once Andy’s Phantom had blown one of me Ferals into chunks, I managed to get off an engage on it with my Terminator formations with my Supreme Commander Retinue in support. It went well, with me causing 4 points of damage for 2 losses, but due to the dice Andy won the engagement and his titan remained unbroken. It went on to blow the other Feral into pieces and break my SC formation!

Drop-podding onto Andy’s Blitz

My drop came in on Turn 3, with the Orbital Bombardment just clipping one stand of Rangers and the Pin-points finishing off the Phantom and breaking Andy’s Avatar. Unfortunately by that point Andy had managed to waste enough of my on-board formations that the two retinues could not really pull it back for me.

The game ended with Andy claiming Take and Hold and Break Their Spirit to me only being able to claim Break Their Spirit for killing the Phantom.


We also played a mini game of Battlefleet Gothic, to introduce Andy to the game. He took control of a few chaos cruisers of mine and I played with my new Ork fleet. Andy absolutely trashed me – not helped by me failing to ram his ships twice!

Pics here!

Escort on Escort

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