Rough Riders

Rough Riders 1

I have been doing a little more painting recently, concentrating mostly on painting up some of the smaller IG formations I need to do. These are two formations of Rough Riders, who work great as scouts for all of the IG lists. I have had them do great things for me in game – charging a mob of gun and battle wagons, winning the fight and running them down – and they have become some of my favourite models.

Rough Riders 2

In non-EPIC news I am starting up a Mighty Empires campaign at my local gaming club ( ) for Warhammer Fantasy. It looks like it should have 6 or so players and run for about 2 months. In a similar vein, I help run the Bugmans Brewery online campaigns. The Shadow Games has just started witht he first turn scheduled for the 30th April – lots of work and lots of fun to come! Registration is open for all the factions at the moment and background to it can be found here –


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