I have had the last week off work before the university term starts again and have been a busy beaver painting masses of EPIC Guard which should all make an appearance on this blog soon enough.

2 Hellhound Formations

I have painted six hellhounds out of the twelve I own. I have left the big fuel tanks off the roof of the models for a reason, they cover up so much of the back that I think they look better without the tanks, although I am thinking of possibly putting just one fuel tank on each Hellhound mouted horizontally at the very back of the tank. I love my Hellhounds in the game, especially in the Baran Siegemasters list where they give the Infantry companies some good, cover-ignoring, short range firepower without costing the earth.

Can you see the plasma cannons in the hulls?

While I was painting them up I cam across something a bit strange. Two of the models have plasma cannons mounted in thier hulls, where normally a heavy bolter or heavy flamer would go. I am pretty sure a hull-mounted plasma cannon has never been an option in EPIC or 40k. Does anyone know if these are normal Hellhound hulls, or have they come from elsewhere?


2 thoughts on “Hellhounds

  1. Hi Gus,

    Nice work on the Hellhounds. I have checked the catalogue pages in an old White Dwarf (#208 to be precise) and one of the available hulls does indeed have a plasma cannon (Hellhound hull 2).


  2. Cheers for that Andy and glad you found the blog too. Give me a text if you are up for a game sometime.


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