Ragnarok is nigh!

Just got back from Switzerland today and powered through painting some more infantry stands. I will spare you yet more pictures of the same paintjobs on the same models and just say I now have 24 stands painted!

12 Ragnarok Tanks

I have also done some of the models I am using for Ragnarok tanks from the Seigemasters list. Raganaroks are low-tech Leman Russes – slower and worse weapons – but they have the Walker special ability. In Epic this means they can re-roll thier failed dangerous terrain tests. This is great given the amount of terrain I like to have on my board at home (pics to come) and because the trenches and barbed wire that comes with the Seigemasters list can pose a threat to armoured vehicles.


The models are the Exodus Wars Apollo SPA Battery models ( see here ). They give off just the right style for a lower tech main battle tank, plus they look almost exactly the same as the GW models.

3 GW models for £15.50 or 3 EW models for £7.95...

2 thoughts on “Ragnarok is nigh!

  1. good proxy and nice paint job, looks like my scheme minus the bone camo and squad markings. (like the GW ones but not quite mine). how you going to base them?

    1. Thanks for the comment, my first! I have avoided doing squad markings because I want to be able to swap models between the different loyalist and traitor lists and soemtimes they have different formation sizes. Do you have pics of your camo scheme?

      Pretty much every tank in the army is currently based on a 2p coin, sparsely sanded, then painted Graveyard Earth. Once I have finished painting the army, I am planning on going back and adding specks of flock etc to liven them up.

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