I have been working on a couple of objectives for the loyalist side of this army over the last couple of days.Epic is a very objective focused game, each side has three representing different things.

First one is a broken-down Bombard. I had a spare model and stuck a Tech Marine model on the base to look like a Tech-Priest desperately trying to get it fixed.

Broken down Bombard

Second one is a Marauder Bomber that has crash landed into the side of a building. Again, I had an extra model – damn blister sizes not mathcing up with formation sizes – and an quite happy with the way the rubble has worked out.

Marauder 1
Marauder 2

I also have some old pics of some Mutants for the Lost and the Damned. Mine are all the old Beastman models from previous editions of Epic and I use them fairly regularly. I find the cultists in the LatD list so lacklustre that the close combat potential of the Mutants makes them attractive. Still I always make sure to include at least a handful of cultists for the 30cm ranged weapon.

Mutants 2

My friend Ben plays Thousand Sons in Epic so I decided to paint up one of the commanders as a Thousand Sons Sorceror. Quite appropriate for him to be herding my cattle!

Thousand Son

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