Elephants in space!

Inspired by GlynG’s killer Slaanophant here, I have been thinking about the Chaos War Altars in the Lost and the Damned list and have settled on using

elephants from the Warmaster range.

3 Warmaster Araby Elephants

I went for the regular elephants rather than the character mount he has used, as they come in packs of three and I felt 3 Altars would be the perfect amount, one for each of the gods likely to appear in my LatD force (Khorne, Nurgle and Tzeentch). Originally I was going to put all three elephants on one base, using them as counters to represent the DC3 nature of the unit, but once they arrived they were a fair bit bigger than I was expecting and i felt they could be used on their own.

In the game, the Lost and the Damned list is quite hampered by a lack of good AA firepower. The Altars are the only place to find it apart from Traitor Guard Hydras, and are quite pricy at 150pts a pop. Still some discussion towards the end of the thread here about trying to play LatD without any Traitor Guard Support, led me to try out two Altars against Ben’s Thousand Sons. They worked quite well, soaking up hits on thier 4+ RA save that would other wise be killing unarmoured cultists as well as providing cover to them. AA-wise, they were difficult for Ben to suppress and shot down two Doomwings over the course of the game. Still I have to wonder if having 6 Hydras in the list would not  have been a better option!

War Altar to-be!

Looking at the picture above, the model has a convenient flat area sculpted on its back where the howdah full of Araby soldiers would usually sit. I may or may not take the mahout off the neck piece – depends on how much of a giant he looks like compared to normal EPIC scale figures. I want to use some of the 40k Chaos Space Marine icons stood upright on the flat area, probably magnetised so I can a) store the models more easily and b) swop and change between the Chaos gods. I am thinking about painting the flesh of the elephant in a fleshy pink tone, to try and set it apart from regular elephants as well as make it a bit more chaosy.

I promise there will be something with paint on it posted soon!


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