War Engines

The current projects that are sitting on my desk (obligatory workspace shot to come!) are mostly War Engines in nature – Super Heavy Guard Tanks and some emplacements for them.


4 SHT's

First up are four of the Super-Heavies: a Shadowsword, a Baneblade, a Stormhammer and a Stormblade. I bought these recently from eBay and stripped them, but ended up paying well over the odds for the models and also for the postage. Don’t you hate it when the seller takes a picture of three or four of the units, only to find the lot is only for one of them? It certainly caught me out this time!



Shadowsword: Armed with a Volcano Cannon, this thing and its 3 brothers in my collection have been the bane of my friend Ben’s Revenant Titans for a while now.




Old-Style Baneblade


Baneblade: Throwing out a range of firepower at all sorts of ranges that don’t really match up with each other well, the Baneblade always seems a little lacklustre to me. Still this one completes a Baneblade Company, so can’t complain.





Stormhammer: I love these models, something about the twin battlecannon turrets is just amazingly cool. Again, this model finally completes a company of 3 Stormhammers. Retro-styling and formidable close range firepower sell it for me.





Stormblade: Just the one of these models so far, sporting a Plasma Blastgun and the missile rack, I think I will just keep it as a loner. Like the Stormhammers, there are no official stats in the original GW lists, but it is amply supported by EPICUK and NetEA lists.



I love being able to field Super-Heavy tanks – it just feels so right in an EPIC game to have big formations of BIG tanks. Plus having these war engines gives me a resilient formation that is difficult to suppress, allowing it to always perform its role, whether that is sitting back and titan sniping (Shadowswords!) or rolling forward and spearheading the assault (the rest!)


Plaster Barricades

This last week was also my birthday, on which Ben bought me these very nice barricades / revetments. While they are slightly too big to use for 6mm really, they make good SHT emplacements, something which should look good in a Baran list. I am sure he will regret buying me yet more terrain to hide behind!

SHT Emplacement

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