Opening Post

Pretty Eldar!

I thought I would start this blog off with an outline of where I am with my current armies and future plans.

I own a completed EPIC Eldar army of around 16k points, painted in a mid-blue and white paint scheme. I need to re-base these to match my new game mat but they are basically done.

I have a basically completed Slaaneshi Chaos Marine army, only needing re-basing and a touch-up to some of the paint jobs on the attached titans. In total it can probably get up to around 13k without stretching too much.

I will get around to uploading pictures of the above two armies, once I take decent pictures.

I also am in the process of doing an Imperial Guard army that can be used as either Steel Legion, Baran Siegemasters or, with the addition of daemons, as the Lost and the Damned. I wanted to be able to use the models in any of these lists so have started on a very neutral paint scheme – mid-gray, black wash, dark green and dark red spot colours. Originally supposed to only have been a small side army, it has morphed into a behemoth of around 15k. This is the army I am looking to paint up for the Tale of Epic Gamers 2012 on the Tactical Command Forums.


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